YOGA (Hatha)
February 20 (Thursday) at 6:00 pm

Kathy Streck
Class length
40 minutes
Beach Club Clubhouse - Mercer Island, WA
FREE until May 
Live, Online Class only at this time.  Every Thursday 9:30am Pacific Time (12:30pm Eastern Time)

HATHA YOGA for all levels:
The idea of our ZK YOGA class is to explore YOUR personal limits, not to strive for pretzel-like perfection or drown in esoteric teachings. This is a Hatha Yoga class.  The word Hatha: (Ha meaning Sun, and tha meaning Moon) signifies a combining of complementary forces. A pose is often followed by a counter pose to balance the body. In Hatha Yoga, poses are held for varying lengths of time, and most can be modified to some extent to make them more appropriate for various fitness levels. This class is done in bare feet. Please use a mat and have water available for drinking.

Sorry - that class has already taken place!